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Located in the northern industrial area of Luoyuan Gulf Development Zone,Luoyuan County,Fuzhou,Fuzhou Minlian Wood Industry Co.,Ltd.specializes in manufacturing European-style,American-style and Chinese-style cabinets,providing a good and complete businessmanagement for design,production,sale and service.We offer top quality cabinets which are made of natural solid wood imported from overseas market. These cabinets have nice wood textures with a clear,smooth and polished effect and give a feel of nature.Also,being designed specially with high quality and novel styles,they almost become a set of artworks full of high aesthetic values.

Suifenhe speeds up the construction of wood products industry alliance, promotes the development of the whole industry chain of
As the capital of China's wood industry, Suifenhe's advantageous position in the new pattern of China's wood industry is a solid foundation for the development of the wood industry in Suifenhe.

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Responding to the “Belt and Road” timber trade along the China-European Wood Industry Committee was established in Dongguan
[China Whole Wood Network] The China-Europe Wood Industry Cooperation Summit Forum was held on November 9, 2018 at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center. According to the market researc
Wood industry knowledge: planting technology
It is a perennial medicinal plant. It is mainly rooted in medicine. The main root is developed, deep into the soil, and there are few or no lateral roots. It should be dry, afraid of cockroaches and s